August 3, 2020 , Shoutout LA

Meet Taron Lexton Filmmaker

We had the good fortune of connecting with Taron Lexton and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Shoutout LA

July 22, 2019 , PetaPixel

The First-Ever Movie Scene with a Total Solar Eclipse as the Backdrop

During the recent total solar eclipse in Chile, professional outdoor photographer Ted Hesser was on hand on an indie film shoot to help do something that had never been done before: capture a movie scene with totality as the backdrop.


July 11, 2019 , Shoot

Stunning Real Solar Eclipse Scenes for Taron Lexton’s New Sci-fi Film ’Nomad

During this rare and beautiful celestial event, award-winning director, Taron Lexton, had set up to film a once in a lifetime scene for his upcoming feature film, ‘Nomad.’


July 4, 2019 , Fstoppers

Iconic Images from the 2019 Solar Eclipse

Ted Hesser with the partnership of Goal Zero and the Nomad Film team were able to create a beautiful image that only had moments to come together before the opportunity was gone.


July 4, 2019 , Arri

Stunning solar eclipse captured in Chile with ARRI’s ALEXA LF

Cinematographer Kevin Garrison wanted to keep it real for Taron Lexton’s new picture “Nomad”.


July 3, 2019 , Gizmodo

A New Sci-Fi Movie Had 2 Minutes to Capture a Solar Eclipse, Here’s What Happened…

It’s one thing to write some huge celestial event into your movie. It’s another to actually get it on film in the movie.


Sept 10, 2018 , One Film Fan

Short Film Review “Threshold”

The sobering and so often life-altering consequences of one’s past exploits come screaming back with a vengeance for one ex-cop in this highly impactful and shockingly affecting 8-minute short film effort from writer/director Mark O’Brien.

One Film Fan

Sept 8, 2018 , Indie Shorts Mag

‘Son to Son’ Is About A Secret Waiting To Explode

The growing anxiety, the deceit, the unbelievable trajectory of self-destruction is so well incorporated and brought out by Lexton’s direction that it makes for a worthwhile watch.

Indie Shorts Mag

Sept 7, 2018 , UK Film Review

Threshold Short Film

Darker than a cup of black coffee with no donut, filmmaker Mark O’Brien’s marvelous short film Threshold packs an almighty punch within its limited running time and without the need for much dialogue or audience hand holding.

UK Film Review

August 23, 2018 , One Film Fan

Short Film Review: “Son to Son”

“Son To Son” is very much a multi-faceted thematic journey that brings the dangers and realities of drug addiction to vivid life while illustrating the devastating consequences from two perspectives that it can all cause.

One Film Fan

August 15, 2018 , UK Film Review

UK Film Review: “Son to Son”

A nightmarish twist on a classic painting you might say and that is exactly what filmmakers Taron Lexton and Jim Meskimen have created with short film Son to Son.

UK Film Review

July 28, 2018 , Bionic Buzz

Son to Son at LA Shorts Film Fest

Bionic Buzz® got to cover the 22nd Annual Los Angeles Shorts International Film Festival. It ranks among the most prestigious and largest international short film festivals in the world. The Program 9 block featured the LA premiere of the short film Son to Son.

Bionic Buzz

July 10, 2018 , VoyageLA

Meet Nathan Lorch, Taron Lexton and Milena Ferreira of TXL Films in Burbank

The heart of our mission at VoyageLA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of West LA’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble-rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out The Valley’s rising stars.


March 20, 2018 , Decider

“In Search of Fellini” on Netflix

It seems like a great new title pops up on Netflix every other day, and today is no exception…


February 18, 2018 , Deadline

MPSE Golden Reel Winners

The Golden Reels, held at the Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles, recognize outstanding achievement in sound editing. Awards were presented in 23 categories encompassing feature films, long-form and short-form television, animation, documentaries, games, special venue and other media.


January 24, 2018 , Anchorage Press

In Search of Fellini: Finding Magic

The film, written by Nancy Cartwright and Peter Kjenaas, and billed as based on Ms. Cartwright’s “mostly” true experience, reinterprets some of Federico Fellini’s (Il Maestro) most important works. Under the direction of Taron Lexton, In Search of Fellini creates parallels between some of Fellini’s great works and important cast members and the story of a young woman’s individuation.

Anchorage Press

January 22, 2018 , The Hollywood Reporter

MPSE Golden Reels Awards Nominees

In Search of Fellini nominated for MPSE Golden Reel Awards 2018 in category “Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Non-Theatrical Feature.”

The Hollywood Reporter

September 23, 2017 , Paste Magazine

In Search of Fellini (Paste Magazine Review)

Your appreciation of Taron Lexton’s In Search of Fellini will correlate directly to your appreciation of its winsome lead,Lucy (Ksenia Solo). Lucy is a small town girl from Ohio who, having spent her life living in a protective bubble shaped by mother Claire (Maria Bello) to protect her from the vagaries of being human, decides to make for Italy to meet Federico Fellini, the maestro himself.

Paste Magazine

September 19, 2017 , Spectrum Culture

In Search of Fellini (Spectrum Culture Review)

Opening with a dream-sequence that serves as a statement of purpose, In Search of Fellini is a film about cinema and the magic of the medium, its deep history and the joy it conjures in those who truly love the moving picture.

Spectrum Culture

September 18, 2017 , Cryptic Rock

In Search of Fellini (Cryptic Rock Review)

A film full of heart, In Search of Fellini tells the story of Lucy (Ksenia Solo: Black Swan 2010, Orphan Black series), a 20-year-old girl who has been sheltered from life’s hard lessons by her mother and only friend, Claire (Maria Bello: Prisoners 2013, Secret Window 2004).

Cryptic Rock

September 15, 2017 , Behind The Lens Online

In Search of Fellini (Behind The Lens Review)

With all the hallmarks of a Fellini film itself, from interpretive and metaphoric visuals to story, the structure of the film interlaces Fellini films with our heroine Lucy’s journey through life as she lives out her fantasies of what she believes the world is thanks to Fellini’s lens.

Behind The Lens Online

September 14, 2017 , The New York Times

Review: Love of Il Maestro Drives In Search of Fellini

“In Search of Fellini” reimagines a whirlwind adventure Ms. Cartwright once had to try to meet the Italian director Federico Fellini. With the help of her longtime collaborator and co-writer, Peter Kjenaas, and the first-time director Taron Lexton, Ms. Cartwright creates a Felliniesque fantasy of her own.

The New York Times

September 14, 2017 , Los Angeles Times

Fantastical Drama In Search of Fellini

As directed by Taron Lexton, you’re never quite sure what’s real and what’s not in “In Search of Fellini”…

Los Angeles Times

September 14, 2017 , The Hot Pink Pen

In Search of Fellini (Hot Pink Pen Review)

From its Wes Anderson-esque storybook beginning, In Search of Fellini is a surreal tale of how our heroine “Lucy” (Ksenia Solo) grapples with grief, growing up, and finding herself, against the backdrop of Federico Fellini’s film aesthetics and her mother’s battle with cancer.

The Hot Pink Pen

September 12, 2017 , The Hollywood Reporter

In Search of Fellini (Hollywood Reporter Review)

Taron Lexton’s sentimental road movie recounts a formative real(ish)-life vacation for screenwriter (and voice of Bart Simpson) Nancy Cartwright.

The Hollywood Reporter

May 9, 2017 , Red Carpet CRASH

USA Film Festival 2017 Review

Contrary to what that set-up would have us believe, director Taron Lexton’s film is actually less Coming-of-Age and more ‘Welcome to the Universe’, and Lucy’s journey of self-discovery is quite enjoyable to behold. Co-written by Nancy Cartwright and Peter Kjenaas, it’s the ‘based on a true story’ of Ms. Cartwright’s own personal journey prior to her nearly 30 year run as the voice of Bart Simpson.

Red Carpet CRASH

April 21, 2017 , Variety

In Search of Fellini Set for September Release

Ambi Media Group has acquired North American rights to coming-of-age drama “In Search of Fellini” from Nancy Cartwright’s Spotted Cow Entertainment. Ksenia Solo, Maria Bello, and Mary Lynn Rajskub star in the film.


February 10, 2017 , Film Jerk

Movie Watch: In Search of Fellini

The coming-of-age drama, which will have its world premiere on February 24th at the 2017 Los Angeles Italia – Film, Fashion and Art Festival, stars “Lost Girl” actress Ksenia Solo as Lucy, a shy small-town Ohio girl who loves movies but dislikes reality, discovers the delightfully bizarre films of Federico Fellini, and sets off on a strange, beautiful journey across Italy to find him. Directed by South African filmmaker Taron Lexton, the film also features Maria Bello and Mary Lynn Rajskub.

Film Jerk

February 7, 2017 , The Hollywood Reporter

Maria Bello to be Honored at L.A. Italia Fest

The world premiere of Bello’s new film, AMBI’s In Search of Fellini, will close out the festival. The coming-of-age-drama directed by Taron Lexton is about a small-town Ohio girl who after discovering the films of Federico Fellini, sets off on a bizarre journey across Italy to find him. Ksenia Solo and Mary Lynn Rajskub also star.

The Hollywood Reporter

2016 , The Aurora Awards

2016 Aurora Award Platinum Best of Show Winners

The films and videos listed below have been judged nationally and have met high achievement of Platinum Best of Show for PROFESSIONAL EXECUTION, EXCELLENT CONTENT & SUPER CREATIVITY.

The Aurora Awards

November 9, 2015 , The Hollywood Reporter

First Look: Maria Bello, Ksenia Solo Set Out – In Search of Fellini

Maria Bello wears her maternal worries on her sleeve in The Hollywood Reporter‘s first look at In Search of Fellini.

The Hollywood Reporter

October 20, 2015 , The Hollywood Reporter

Ksenia Solo, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Maria Bello to star in In Search of Fellini

Ksenia Solo, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Maria Bello are going In Search of Fellini. The actresses have been cast in the coming-of-age drama, which will be directed by Taron Lexton, with a script from Nancy Cartwright and Peter Kjenaas.

The Hollywood Reporter

September 2008 , 944 Magazine

Stuck on Struck

Screenwriter Milena Ferreira Debuts a Short Film About Love at SDFF.

944 Magazine