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Take a look at some of our favorite projects we’ve been honored to be part of over the years. From feature films, to music videos for upcoming artists, to short films chock full of familiar faces, to a piece choreographed by Emmy-winning duo Nappytabs…

Featured projects

TXL Films was created in 2004 by director Taron Lexton. He assembled a team of like-minded artists with a passion for every aspect of the filmmaking process. In 2007 he teamed up with husband and wife producer team Nathan Lorch and Milena Ferreira on the award-winning short film, "Struck." From there they produced over 250 commercials, PSAs, short films, features, and music videos, all while continuing to build a world class team of Editors, Cinematographers, Directors, VFX Artists, Sound Designers, Composers and more. They strive for not only the highest technical and artistic standards, but a great, positive experience for all.

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